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"This is a really great site for renters to utilise. It can be really hard being a renter, but having a site that gives you some real and honest insight into a property from previous tenants in invaluable. Thank you."

Nicola M | Google Review

"Great to finally have a website that enables prospective tenants to read reviews of previous tenants so as to be aware of dodgy landlords etc.... Allows greater transparency and accountability in the residential tenancy market. About time!"

Justin S | Google Review

Are you having a hard time finding your next rental property?

Rent Rabbit, you can find honest renting experiences from past or present tenants. We share real house and apartment reviews that help you choose the best rental property for you and your family. You can also share some honest renting experiences with “rental home hunters“ for a better rental world.

We know how difficult it is to know if a rental property is suitable for you until you've actually lived in it. With Rent Rabbit, you can find honest renting experiences from real tenants. Tenants share house and apartment reviews that can help you find the best rental property for you and your family. You can also pay it forward by sharing your own renting experiences with other fellow tenants so they can make better decisions when choosing their next home to live in.