Code of Conduct

The Rabbit loves hearing your experience—and asks that all your photos, profile, comments, and reviews meet our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

Otherwise, we have to change your content or even delete your account—if you think that’s happened by mistake, drop us a line at

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Basic Dos

  • Write clearly, keep it relevant.
  • Base reviews on experiences and facts.
  • Honesty is gold, so tell the whole story.

Basic Don’ts

  • Don't attack, threaten or abuse anyone.
  • No foul/abusive/hateful language or threats.
  • No soliciting benefits in exchange for promotions.
  • Don't post personal details without written permission.
  • Don't post advertising in reviews, comments, etc.
  • Don’t post fake positive reviews—we’ll probably catch you.


  • Keep them clear, in-focus and easy to see.
  • Only post photos of people with written permission.
  • Only use other people’s photos with written permission.
  • Don’t post duplicates or multiple pictures of the same property.
  • Don’t post photos that contain promotional content.
  • Don’t post unpleasant photos that contain profanity, nudity or abuse.

Please email  if you believe you have identified any behaviour not in compliance with this code.