How we compare

Our commitment

Rent Rabbit is committed to providing a platform that makes it easy and simple for our customers to compare products and services within the Australian real estate sector. Our aim is to help you throughout your rental lifecycle, whether you are looking to compare properties, landlords, agencies, or other services.

We compare, we do not offer advice

It is important to note that we do not provide advice on which product or service you choose, rather we present a clear way of filtering and comparing products and services based on reviews we source from a third party. You should always seek professional advice when selecting a product or service.

Additionally, we do not compare every brand within the market, however, we are working hard to list as many products or services as possible. We will never recommend a particular product or strategy as being appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

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How we make money

We try to be reasonable, fair, and personally disinterested in the outcome of whatever topics, service, or product we cover. To do this, we use a subscription fee model, rather than a referral-based revenue model.

Rent Rabbit Pty Ltd does reserve the right to promote products or services from time to time.